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Teens are a huge difference from kids, as they are now no longer children but not adults quite yet, so to please them is always a big challenge.  Their imagination and wishes change too as they grow older and they will not accept the usual party games they once did when they were younger.  So why not come to us for a free consultation to see  how we can keep both you and your teen happy, by giving them the party of a lifetime.  Party theme can be chosen by your teen and the rest you can leave to us, for we will make their dream reality for their special occasion.  We can take care of everything including tailor made invitations, decorations, venue, catering, party bags and entertainment.  So come to us to help you put a smile on your teen’s face and make them feel like a big kid once again!!

Drama In Education

Drama in education is a concept of theatre whereby the students are learning through the use of Drama.  The students will get a chance to watch a show, but at the same time they will also be able to participate through the aid of workshops based on the play watched.  By having this hands on experience, the students, will be able to express themselves more clearly about the specific subject, as well as explore for themselves the true meaning behind the subject.